Transfer Files to Your Blog in Seconds

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who wrote for a Nigerian entertainment blog. As much as he loved blogging, a lot of the tedious bits continually frustrated him.

1. He spent too much time downloading files just to rename them before uploading to the blog.

2. He paid a lot of money to his internet subscriber, due to the amount of downloading and uploading he needed to do.

I realized I could solve some of these problems for him, so I started to build something to help him out.

I set up a website where he posts a link to what he wanted to download and what he wanted to rename the file to. He pushes a button and the file is renamed and uploaded to his server and a link to the file pops up on his screen.

Here’s what it looks like in action.

This was a solid solution for #1 because he didn’t have to download and reupload anymore. Just press a button and a link will be provided when its done. It was done in much quicker time than he could do it too. When I tested it with a 500MB video file, it got uploaded to the server in 19 seconds! Most files he was uploading are under 30MB so I knew it would be good enough for the job to be done.

It also worked out to be a great solution for #2 because typically he would use up 10MB downloading the file and another 10MB uploading it. Now, he doesn’t waste a single MB. The download and upload happens elsewhere, so he got to keep his MB and get the job done faster too.

Adim and I are working to make it better so bloggers aren’t wasting time and money downloading a file just to reupload it again. We need a few people who want to test it out, so if you (or someone you know) can benefit from this, drop us a line below 🙂

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