Fuck Scale

One of the hardest things to do is have a sensible business conversation with programmers.

Our training and experience teaches us to decouple complexity. We write modular code. We unit test. Even our server architecture is broken down to small independent units called a microservice.

We believe the best quality work has reduced complexity and simple independent parts working together.

Why do we immediately ignore everything we know to be true when the subject of the conversation is business?

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Newbie No More! Podcast Interview

Yesterday I had the honor of being the first guest to be interviewed on my friend Casman‘s new podcast: Newbie No More!

He had many questions at the beginning of his journey. Some as simple as “what’s for loop for” and much harder ones as well, like “which programming language should I be learning” or “how do i get my first job in the field”.

After finding his footing, he decided to produce a podcast filled with the knowledge he’s acquired, as a way of helping others on their journey to becoming programmers.

Thanks so much for choosing me as Newbie No More’s first guest, Cas. Thanks for the opportunity to help people learn more about programming.

Here’s the interview … hope it helps someone find their footing and confidence in their craft 🙂

Something Old, Something New

This week I read Adim’s post on the new things he tried this year.

He embraced Meteor, a JavaScript framework, which is an impressive departure from his go-to framework, Rails. He learned Swift, a completely new programming language. As if that wasn’t enough, he learned to build a Shopify theme. I guess the word to describe his year is adventurous. Maybe exploratory is a better fit, but you get the idea.

While I haven’t learned a new language or embraced a new framework, I’ve tackled old problems in new ways.

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