Crudcast Episode 2

A few weeks ago I started a podcast with my friend Ezra. You might know him as @xolubi on Radar.

We share our thoughts on the Nigerian Tech ecosystem, talk about what we’re doing and fight since we rarely see eye to eye. We call it the Crudcast.

On Episode 2 we had our first guest Lanre, the CEO of Delivery Science. We talked about how he got into programming, what Delivery Science is all about, what it’s like being a start-up in Nigeria, doves and wolves, how I’m probably not my dad’s favorite child …

Honestly it’s hard to completely capture the essence in a post but I had a lot of fun recording it so check it out 🙂

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  • Adim Ofunne

    Dope podcast, Im feeling delivery science CEO! Is that nickleback at the end of the podcast? Uzo why? LOL

    • I was honestly as surprised as you were when I heard it. Totally not my call.

    • Haha. We credit the songs in each episode on the soundcloud page. For this episode, it’s “Hurricane” by Theory of a Deadman.

    • Adim Ofunne

      LOL LOL aight, just wanted to bust some balls, @xolubi:disqus you see how @akamaozu:disqus quickly distanced himself from the music? LOL. Don’t mind me oh, im just looking for trouble as usual, good work guys, I enjoyed it!

      • Yo, thanks. I know why anyone would try to distance themselves. The internet loves to hate Nickelback. 🙂